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    Cats, Bad Weather, and Signs from Heaven

    I’ve always believed, if we are open to it, that we can receive signs and symbols from Heaven. Little nudges to remind us that we’re not alone, and that everything is ok. In both the Old and New Testaments, God and Jesus use signs and symbols to teach and guide us. All throughout my life, I can look back and point out when I’ve noticed these assurances, little things that would only make sense to me. Like, finding a penny while walking into a big job interview, or seeing a red cardinal on my windowsill. It is something that is supported by my faith – that the Lord can send…

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    My Word for 2024

    Over the years, you may have seen this trend on social media where people choose a “word” for the coming year. This word helps them shape their vision, define their goals, and supports the overall theme that they want for that coming year. My word for 2023 was Faith. Closing out 2022, I was left bruised, and exhausted. My dad had just started chemotherapy, and my mom had just gone through surgery. I sent Madison and Ben to Tallahassee and spent all of my winter break taking care of them both. 2022 was bad enough, and I was riddled with anxiety and fear for whatever 2023 would bring. At the…

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    Holding the Boundary: Four Hard Truths

    From a young age, we learn to be mindful of others’ feelings. The intent around this is good – we want our children to learn to be kind to other people. However, an unfortunate side effect is that often we learn to put others’ feelings before our own needs. We’re learn to conform and contort ourselves; to avoid making other people feel uncomfortable at all costs. It’s no wonder, that as adults, we have such a difficult time setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries are the key to living life to the fullest. They are a healthy part of all relationships: at work, at home, and when visiting family and friends. If…

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    Round Top Round Up

    This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat, featuring Sara McDaniel (@simplysoutherncottage) and Wendy Conklin (@chairwhimsy). The retreat took place in Round Top, Texas, a little town about an hour outside of Austin. I had never heard of Round Top before, but quickly fell in love with its rustic charm. If the city’s famous vintage and antique shopping opportunities are on your list, here are some things you need to know before you go! How to Get There Round Top does have a small regional airport, however, it’s much easier to fly to Austin, and then rent a car for a short hour and fifteen…

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    How to Help a Grieving Friend from a Distance

    Whether it’s physical distance, or a personal boundary that you need to set to take care of you, there may come a time when you want to help a friend that’s grieving from a distance. It can be hard to know what to say or do that will actually be helpful for your grieving friend. These past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing on my Instagram stories that two of our closest friends lost their precious daughter. Ben and I have spent some time since her passing to support our friends through the very early stages of their grief. Our friends live about two hours away from us and we…

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    My Favorite Things of 2023!

    Who’s ready for a round up of my favorite finds from 2023?! If you’ve followed me, you know that when I find a good thing, I buy twelve of them and want to tell everyone I know about the thing! Boy, did I find some good stuff this year. Whether it’s something to stylish, fun, or a tool to make your life easier, I hope you can find a favorite thing from my list, too! This part of the blog post contains Affiliate Links. If you choose to shop my links, I may receive a commission. For more information, please visit my Privacy Policy page. 1. Clip-in Hair Extensions If…

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    Six Gifts for Men that He’ll Actually Like

    Happy Gift Guide Season! When my followers asked me to put together a Gift Guide for Men, I had to chuckle. The irony is that the vast majority of gifts I’ve bought for my husband, he’s returned. My husband is extremely practical, and he’s particular about what he likes and doesn’t like. He doesn’t like surprises. And, he doesn’t really like receiving gifts at all. After 13 years together, though, I’d like to think I’ve got a better understanding of finding a gift that he’ll actually appreciate. If you’ve got a Picky Partner, this blog post is for you! This part of the blog post contains Affiliate Links. If you…

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    Adults Only vs. Kids Trip to Disney World!

    Living in Central Florida, I have the privilege of living less than hour from the Mouse himself. Growing up, I was always a big Disney fan, but now that my daughter shares my love of Disney, it’s even more fun! Recently, I had the opportunity to go on two trips to Walt Disney World less than two weeks apart. While I had an amazing time – they were both wildly different trips! In this blog post, I’m going to break down the two different trips, and share my tips and tricks for a successful day at Disney! Adults-Only Trip Itinerary Night 1: We enjoyed dinner at Markham’s Restaurant at the…

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    Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Parrot Heads!

    This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you choose to shop my links. Thank you for your support! Each year, Ben and I attend an annual Halloween Bash, hosted by our dear friends. Our friends go all out every year for this party, impressing with over-the-top decor and amazing food, drinks, and dancing. The most highly anticipated piece of the event is the Halloween costume contest. As past winners of the contest (2017), we feel a particular pressure to make our costumes bigger and better each year. However, with working full-time, a toddler, and just managing everyday life, our Halloween costume just wasn’t at the top…

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    Dear Girl at Panera Bread

    Dear Girl at Panera Bread, I was sitting at a booth, playing with my phone, waiting not so patiently for my fiancé to arrive. You see, he was running late, and I was hungry. I happened glance up at you and your boyfriend talking at the drink station across from me. I’m assuming he was just your boyfriend – you both looked about high-school age – but it’s just a guess. While your boyfriend was in the bathroom, you got a phone call from a friend. Something big must have happened, because you exclaimed, “No way! What are you going to do?” in the phone. Then, your boyfriend came back…

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